Willy's Surfboards

My name is Wilrik and I build surfboards. It started with a few repairs on my own surfboards, progressed to a couple of skateboard decks and then I grew curious and passionate enough to build my own surfboard. With my previous experience working with wood and a distaste for the harmful material of polyurthane, I chose to shape a wooden blank. This experiment took place in my tiny backyard, and it produced my first board which still occasionally hits the water. Not long after, I moved into the shed in my parents backyard. A couple of years later, realizing the limits of my workspace, I moved into my current (shared) workspace in Vijfhuizen. Together with two friends, I set up two shaping rooms not only for my use, but open for rent as well.


If I’m building a surfboard, I want it to last for as long as possible. This is one of the reasons I choose to work with a high quality epoxy resin, being stronger, more eco-friendly and less toxic than standard polyester resins. As my cores, I use locally assembled EPS blanks. The lightness of the material gives me the ability to build an even stronger fiberglass sandwich, with multiple layering techniques to build flexibility and resiliency. I also incorporate used foam cores that were originally softtop cores for my boards. This will be more prominently featured in future projects and constructions. On top of all of this, solid and durable ding repair is an integral part of what I do. I’m open to repairing all dings, big or small, to make sure your stick is back in the water as soon as possible.



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